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Get periodontitis treated right away

Know the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Periodontitis

Periodontitis Causes and Symptoms Periodontitis is a widespread condition that most people call gum disease. It can cause a wide range of issues, from bad breath to tooth loss. Prevention and awareness are effective in dealing with periodontitis in most cases, and various treatment options are available. Periodontitis is caused by an excessive buildup of…
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Catch gum disease early

Gum Disease: What Are the 6 Top Warning Signs?

Periodontal Disease: What To Look Out For Gum disease affects nearly half of all adults, with nearly 10% of those suffering from its advanced effects. Also known as periodontal disease, the condition can worsen to cause serious issues like tooth loss. Gum disease can start with few to no symptoms, and many patients aren’t aware…
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Dental health worksheets for kids

Our Favorite 5–10 Resources that Teach Kids About Their Teeth

Proactive Preventive Dentistry for Kids of Every Age  Has your child ever skipped out on brushing their teeth? Maybe you have a preschooler who’s resistant to having a toothbrush put in their mouth, or maybe your preteen just doesn’t think it’s very important. Does this sound familiar?  Learning how to properly care for teeth is…
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Orthodontic treatments can help a variety of issues

Our Wide Range of Solutions Can Treat Most Any Orthodontic Issue

The Importance of a Straight Smile The aesthetic benefit that comes with straight teeth makes sense; having straight teeth is linked to greater confidence, less anxiety, and more success in the workplace, and most of all you’ll have a smile you’ll love. But have you ever stopped to consider that having crooked teeth might be…
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Kids oral health

Make Oral Health Care Happy and Important in Your Kids’ Minds

Good dental care routines early can create healthy habits for life. Children learn from watching and copying their parents, so the best way to teach your kids oral health care and good dental habits is by demonstrating proper brushing techniques early on. Good habits start early. Many first-time parents don’t realize that their child should…
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Is a dental bridge the best tooth replacement option for you

Is a Dental Bridge My Best Tooth Replacement Option?

While there are many preventative dental measures available today, some people still find themselves missing teeth. When this happens, they need a tooth replacement to restore the appearance and function of their teeth, along with ensuring long-term oral health. A dental bridge is one restorative service that can provide great results. What causes missing teeth?…
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Dental crown types

E.max and Zirconia: Two Dental Crown Types That Shine

Beautiful and Durable Dental Crown Restorations When you have a damaged or blemished tooth that needs a makeover, a dental crown can save your smile. Dental crowns are a versatile restorative dentistry service that can also double as a cosmetic dentistry treatment. They completely envelope problematic teeth in a tooth-colored material to restore their strength…
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Whole body health

10 Ideas to Improve Your Overall Wellness This Summer

Enjoy your healthiest and happiest summer yet!  We all want to do our best to keep up our health during our day-to-day lives, but it gets more difficult during those long winter months. Now that spring is here and summer is fast approaching, there’s more opportunity to get outdoors and be more active. This gives…
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Looking for the best dentist in Lawton, Oklahoma?

7 Tips for Finding the Best, State-of-the-art Family Dentist in Lawton, OK

When it comes to finding quality health and dental care, there are many things to consider. And, what’s important to one patient might not be as important to another. Of course, you want to find a dentist who is patient, friendly, highly skilled, and qualified. You also want to make sure that the dentist you…
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Here's why we think you'll love Sheppard Family Dental Care.

8 Ways We Focus on Your Satisfaction and Exceptional Results at Sheppard Family Dental Care

There are certain things in life where quality simply can’t be compromised. And your medical and dental care come at the top of that list. After all, not only does your smile give off a first impression to everyone you meet, but your oral health and overall health are closely linked.  So when it comes…
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