Children's Dental Services

Children's Dentistry

Why choose Sheppard Family Dental Care as your child’s dental home?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, parents should establish a dental home for their child before their first tooth emerges. We welcome the opportunity to create a lifelong, positive relationship with your child and support their oral health needs as they grow.

When treating children, our caring dental team adopts a calm, friendly approach to quell any anxiety or restlessness. We can also work with you to help your child master good dental hygiene habits and understand the importance of regular brushing, flossing, and checkups.

Dental Cleanings

Professional Cleanings in a Safe Environment

Every child should have a great experience at the dentist. We use a gentle, engaging approach during every appointment, keeping your child comfortable while treating common oral problems and keeping their teeth healthy.

Cavity Prevention

Keeping Young Smiles Healthy for Life

We have a full range of cavity-prevention treatments for our young patients. Effective preventive options include fluoride treatments, which help strengthen enamel, and dental sealants, which fill in deep pits and fissures to keep decay out. Your child’s dentist will advise you on which treatments are the best options for their teeth.

Our Children’s Dental Services Can


Make Good Oral
Hygiene a
Lifelong Habit


Stop Oral Health
Problems Before
They Begin


Keep Your Child’s
Smile Beautiful as
They Grow

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Discreet Cavity Treatment for Kids of All Ages

Thanks to tooth-colored fillings, also called composite fillings, modern dentistry has made it possible to treat your child’s cavities more discreetly than ever before. These fillings exactly match the color of their natural teeth, allowing your child to laugh and smile without the noticeable silver aesthetic of traditional fillings.


Added Protection for At-Risk Teeth

When baby teeth become decayed or damaged beyond what a filling can fix, we recommend placing a dental crown over the tooth instead. These crowns are highly durable restorations that keep the baby teeth protected and healthy until the permanent teeth come in.


Painless Treatment for Problem Teeth

Extraction of primary teeth may be necessary in cases of nonrestorable damage or excessive crowding. Our pediatric dental extractions are performed in a calm and reassuring manner, keeping your child comfortable and their mouth healthy, as well as allowing permanent teeth to erupt correctly.

Emergency Care

When accidents happen, we’re here.

Has your child broken a tooth or developed a dental infection? At Sheppard Family Dental Care, we are always available to provide dental care and support for pediatric dental emergencies. If you need an emergency appointment, please call us, and we’ll make every effort to see your child within 24 hours (during regular business hours).

We love seeing our younger patients!

Ready to make a lasting impact on your child’s smile? Give Sheppard Family Dental Care a call so we can get you started!