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Benefits of space maintainers

A Space Maintainer Can Prevent Impacted, Crowded, or Crooked Teeth

Dentists recommend space maintainers for kids who have lost one or more of their primary teeth and need space for their new permanent teeth to come in. Sometimes, kids’ teeth don’t come in as quickly as necessary to prevent the shifting of remaining teeth in the mouth. Space maintainers are a highly effective way to…
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A root canal can save a tooth

Save Your Natural Tooth—It’s the Best One You’ll Ever Have

When we are born, we have a set of 20 baby teeth hiding below the gum line. And once those baby teeth eventually fall out, we develop 32 new teeth: eight incisors, four canine teeth, eight premolars, and 12 molars. But if these adult teeth fall out, there isn’t a new tooth waiting in the…
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Dental implants vs. dental bridges

Implants vs. Dental Bridges: Pros and Cons of Both

Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridges Your oral health can directly impact your overall health. Unhealthy teeth, when left untreated, can lead to gum disease and tooth loss. When adults lose teeth, the natural thing to do is look for tooth replacement options. Implants and dental bridges are popular treatments for missing teeth, but what’s better,…
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Improve your dental health

9 Dental Health Facts That Will Surprise You and Improve Your Health

Do you know that your teeth tell a story? It’s true! Your teeth are integral to your overall health. When your mouth is unhealthy, it can cause other health effects. An unhealthy mouth is correlated with diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Plus, oral disease is linked to tobacco usage and overconsumption of sugary…
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Does your child need a palatal expander

When Is a Palatal Expander Right for Your Child?

If you have taken your child for a dental checkup lately, you might have heard the dentist mention that a palatal expander is necessary in the future. While we have all heard of braces and orthodontics, many parents scratch their heads regarding expanders because they’ve never heard of them. This isn’t all that surprising. Not…
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Do you need implant-supported dentures

What Are Implant-supported Dentures and Who Needs Them?

There are more treatment options available than ever before for individuals with missing teeth. A variety of affordable dentures and implants can help restore the appearance and function of your smile, and implant-supported dentures are one of the best choices for many cases. But what are implant-supported (also referred to as implant-retained) dentures? They’re similar…
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Dentist for kids in Lawton

How to Find a Kid-Friendly Dentist Office in Lawton, Oklahoma

If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in Lawton, Oklahoma, make sure that you’re taking all of the key factors into account. Your choice can have a major impact on your child’s dental experience and long-term oral health, so don’t underestimate just how thorough your search should be. Starting Your Search for a Dentist for…
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Set goals for the new year

Now’s the Time To Create Your Goal List for the New Year

The countdown to the new year is officially on. During this season of thankfulness, giving, and receiving, it is also time to start thinking about our goals for the new year. What accomplishments do we want to tackle? What changes do we want to make to our health and way of life? What bad behaviors…
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ClearCorrect orthodontics in Lawton OK

Your Guide to ClearCorrect Orthodontics in Lawton, OK

Discreet ClearCorrect aligners help you straighten your teeth with confidence. There’s an old saying that a smile is worth a thousand words—and it’s certainly true that smiles can often convey more than words alone can. People across the world from many different cultures smile every day to express a range of emotions. It’s so ingrained…
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Is it gingivitis or periodontitis

Gingivitis or Periodontitis? What You Should Know

The terms gingivitis and periodontitis are often used interchangeably. And though these conditions are related and are both forms of gum disease, they are not the same. Knowing the different stages of gum disease and the differences between gingivitis vs. periodontitis can help you understand what to be aware of and can help you better…
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Can kids get gum disease

Kids Can Get Gum Disease Too

Can kids really get gum disease? When we think of teeth and kids, one of the first things that come to mind is the risk of tooth decay and cavities. As parents, we do what we can to protect our children’s teeth and keep them healthy and white. We try to feed them tooth-friendly foods…
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Lasers can take care of a gummy smile

How Laser Gum Contouring Can Fix a Gummy Smile

Reshaping Your Smile With Laser Dentistry From an outside perspective, a gummy smile can look quite charming and unique, but to the person with one, this isn’t always the case. Many people with obviously gummy smiles may feel self-conscious about this feature and even find themselves covering or subduing their smile to hide its appearance. …
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