Autumn Treats: 5 Delicious and Nutritious Tooth-Friendly Snacks for Kids

Choose the best healthy snacks.

Planning healthy snacks can be hard.

Food can be stressful. First, you have to come up with three healthy meals per day for yourself and everyone else in your family. This is made more difficult by the fact that those little ones can be rather picky at times. Then, of course, they get a little hungry between those meticulously planned meals and you’re left scrambling to pull a snack from the pantry.

We’ve all fallen into the trap of grabbing whatever pre-packaged item our hands find first. But how do you go about ensuring these snacks are packed full of nutrients?

Choosing Healthy Snacks

The words “healthy” and “snacks” don’t always go together the way we want. Half the time they’re calorie-dense, sugary morsels that simply leave us (and our kids) craving more with each passing moment. Besides, making food can be time-consuming, and it’s not always as instantly gratifying as that bag of chips.

Eating and snacking healthy is a habit, and it can take time for your body to crave precisely what it truly needs. Sometimes forming that habit can start simply by filling that fruit basket with things like apples, bananas, and any other tasty fruit that your children might enjoy. 

But on the days that that isn’t enough, try to have other healthier options ready to grab. The recipes below can be stored for days or added to your little one’s school lunch.

1. Cinnamon Apple Chips

It’s time to put your air fryer to work and use up that bag of apples before it has a chance to go bad. This cinnamon apple chip recipe is a crowd-pleaser! Not only is it easy to make, but the kids will love them! 

If you don’t have an air fryer, the recipe also explains how to make them in the oven.  

2. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Everyone has a preference when it comes to roasted pumpkin seeds. Some people like them spicy, others prefer them mild and lightly salted. But the preferences don’t end there! Some like them lightly roasted, others want them heavily baked. When making your own batch of irresistible pumpkin seeds, feel free to adjust the recipe to fit your own preferences! If you aren’t sure what you’d prefer, this recipe has a bunch of different flavor options for you to try!

3. Homemade Hummus Dip

Made with delectable chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, hummus is an incredibly versatile snack that can be enjoyed with pretty much anything. Carrots are a popular option, but this dip can also be enjoyed with pita chips, celery, or anything else that sounds tasty at the time! If you don’t have any tahini on hand, try this recipe!

4. Baked Sweet Potato Chips

If your children are craving a bag of salty chips, why not try some of these tasty sweet potato chips? Sweet potato chips are full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They are also a great accompaniment to the hummus recipe above. 

If anyone in your family isn’t a fan of sweet potatoes, don’t be afraid to try it with some regular baking potatoes!

5. Fruit Roll Ups

Most kids adore a good fruit roll-up. Full of sweetness and good memories, a tray of these homemade fruit roll-ups will be a hit for the whole family, no matter their age! Making them at home instead of buying them at the store means you’ll know exactly what goes into them. No unidentified ingredients here! These also make an excellent addition to your little one’s school lunch! 

Nightly Habits

Always remember to keep up with your kiddo’s nightly dental routine. After all, you don’t want any food particles sitting in their mouth overnight, creating the perfect nesting place for cavity-causing bacteria. Get those little ones to brush for two minutes, twice a day, and don’t forget the floss! To help them stay still long enough for this process, consider getting them a musical toothbrush with a built-in timer. It’ll play their favorite song until the time is up!

Other than maintaining those good, daily habits, having your child visit the dentist for a regular cleaning goes a long way to maintaining their smile. Their dentist will be able to keep an eye out for any abnormalities before they have a chance to develop into problems.

If you don’t have your child’s next dental exam on the calendar, here is your reminder to do so! Call us at (580) 219-4343 and we will get you and your family set up for a lifetime of healthy smiles!