Get your kids laughing with these dental jokes.

15 Dental Jokes for Kids

Laughter can be some of the best medicine. Did you know a joke a day can help keep the doctor away? Laughing is one of the best ways to help ...
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Whole body benefits of dental implants.

The Mind-Body Link: How Dental Implants Help Restore Your Mental Wellness

If we told you that the health of your mouth directly affects how you feel (and vice versa), you might think we were pulling your leg—but it’s true! The mind-body ...
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Get an early orthodontic evaluation for your kid.

Discover 5 Advantages of Early Orthodontic Evaluation for Kids

Straight From the Start Early orthodontic evaluations play a crucial role in maintaining the dental health of our children. These evaluations are more than just a quick look at the ...
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Your emotional health could be linked to bruxism.

Grinding Away Stress: The Link Between Bruxism and Your Emotional Well-Being

The Truth About Teeth Grinding Bruxism, more commonly known as teeth grinding or clenching, is a physical response to various factors, most notably stress. If you've ever found yourself involuntarily ...
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Gum disease affects your overall health.

Gum Disease and Your Overall Health: 3 Things You Need to Know

Your smile is more than just a set of pearly whites; it's a window to your overall health. Recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) paints ...
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Build better dental habits for the new year.

New Year, New Habits: Helpful Tips for Breaking Bad Dental Habits for Good

Every year, 38.5% of U.S. adults set New Year's resolutions, with younger adults leading the charge in goal-setting. But here's the twist: Only 9% of those resolutions are successfully achieved. ...
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Restore your smile with dental bridges.

Closing the Gap: 5 Ways Dental Bridges Can Transform Your Smile

Benefits of Dental Bridge Restorations Tooth loss is an all-too-common problem among adults, particularly as they age. But losing a tooth, or teeth, doesn't have to spell the end of ...
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Cozy winter activities in Lawton.

5 Cozy Places To Visit and Activities To Do in Lawton This Winter

Warm up your winter. Bundle up, Lawton! It’s time to embrace the winter wonderland as our beloved city welcomes this chillier season. From exciting winter activities that’ll have you laughing ...
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Know what to do in an orthodontic emergency.

Orthodontic Emergency? Here Are Tips on What to do if Your Braces or Aligners Break

Do you know what to do if you experience an orthodontic emergency? If you experience an emergency involving your braces or aligners, do you know what to do? Are you ...
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Don't fall for these dental myths.

Myth or Fact? Don’t Fall for These Common Dental Myths

Myth or fact? Do you know what is best for your dental health? There are many dental myths out there that people believe about their dental health. However, believing some ...
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